Friday, May 27, 2011

W 22

22.  Charny asks:   There are two companions who are at war, and one of them is a much closer neighbor to you than the other, but you are not involved in their war. So it happens that the one who is your closer neighbor requires you to aid him in defending his house which will be assaulted on the morrow, and you go there that evening.  His enemy comes to attack the house; and you help to defend it as well as you are able without letting them down.   And they fail to take the house and retreat; and attackers remain behind, dead and wounded, and all those who could go, go.   And the companion who has come to defend the house of his neighbor goes to his own house.   Soon after the enemy of his neighbor comes to attack him and takes prisoners and other goods and leads them away.   This companion says that he has been attacked improperly and without defiance, and since he did not go out, there is no war.   The other says there is.  Many arguments are given on either side.   How will it be judged by the law of deeds of arms?  

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