Friday, May 27, 2011

W 55

55.  Charny asks:   The captain of a place leaves it and rides out against his enemies, and he has made an ordinance that all should share in the booty in common whatever they gain.  And they ride until they see their enemies.   So the captain orders that all should dismount to fight on foot against their enemies; many dismount and many remain on horseback.  Those who are on foot with their captain attack their enemies and defeat them.   When it comes to the defeat, those on horse join those on foot who have already defeated the enemy.   When evening comes, those on horse demand a share of the common booty, and those who have dismounted say no.  How will it be judged by the men at arms?

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  1. Richard II Durham Ordinance:

    XV. ITEM, that for no news or affray whatsoever that may happen in the army, any one shall put himself in disarray in his battle, whether on an excursion or in quarters, unless by assignment of his chieftain, under pain of losing horse and armour.