Friday, May 27, 2011

W 33

33.  Charny asks:   There is a captain of war who rides out to fight his enemies; so he procures two capable men at arms to be under his authority and act as bodyguards. And they declare themselves willing and come to an agreement with him.   It happens that in the battle one them has two of his brothers with him, and the two brothers advance in such a way that they are knocked down right next to the captain.  And they are well able to be rescued by their brother who is under the authority of the lord mentioned above, and it looks indeed that he is able to rescue them if he wishes to go over there; but he doesn't know at all whether he will be able to find his lord again in good condition.   Which would be the better thing to do, allow his brothers to be killed, or to rescue them and put his master in danger of not being found again?   Which do you judge to be better and more honorable?  

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