Friday, May 27, 2011

W 9

9.  Charny asks:   Men at arms leave a city where they are in garrison and ride towards their enemies and ride by a city ten leagues from their own,  and capture booty from the city and carry it away.   The garrison of this city sallies out to reclaim their booty, and they fight with the outsiders.  And it happens that those outside defeat those from the city and take possession of the field and take the booty they have won a good six leagues completely undisturbed, until they pass  another city belonging to their enemies and involved in the same war; these two cities belong to the captain who is their enemy. And those in this city sally out and fight with those who are leading away the booty of the other city, and defeat them and take their gains and booty into the city.   Those from the other city who lost the booty formerly hear that it has been regained in that city; so they come to ask for their booty, and those who regained it refuse.  Many good arguments are put forward about it on one side or the other.  How will it be judged by the law of arms?  

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