Friday, May 27, 2011

W 34

34.  Charny asks:   A captain of war has a castle to protect, which is right on the border with his enemies and in great danger of siege.   So there are many who request the captain to be the guardian of this castle and captain, which castle ought to have at least a hundred men at arms and two hundred sergeants for the guard and defense of the castle.  And the captain of the war answers that the one who knows best how to ask for what he will need for a year in the castle, how much he needs to live, how much artillery and other things to guard and defend the castle, as well as for the men mentioned above, to this captain he will give the guardianship of the castle and deliver all those things and pay him for a year.  And if there     is anything lacking in his request, and the castle has to surrender, the castellan will pay him damages.  What might he need that I don't know?  

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