Friday, May 27, 2011

W 80A

80A. Charny asks:  Men at arms fight in the field against their enemies and it happens that one of the men at arms who has  the upper hand takes another man at arms and he who is taken surrenders to the one who has taken him and gives his faith as his prisoner. But very soon the party of the prisoner has the better of it and defeats the others and takes the field, and the prisoner who sees his party get the upper hand attacks his enemies and takes two or three of them and makes them swear to be prisoners and gives them a day to return. Those come on their day and demand of the captain of the one to whom they have sworn by the law of arms, saying that they should not be held to be prisoners to him on that day was a prisoner, notwithstanding that he is able to argue that because  of the rescue he ought to be free; and the first one taken says that they are his prisoners, for he was rescued. And many good arguments are given on one side or the other. How will it be judged by the law of arms?

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