Friday, May 27, 2011

W 82

82.  Charny asks: A man at arms takes another in a besoigne arrestee  in the field and says to him, “Surrender.”  “Willingly,” the other says, “but you must promise to protect me.”  And the captor responds, “Swear to be my prisoner and I promise to save you,” and the other gives his faith on that condition.  So it happens that another man at arms from the party of the one who has taken the prisoner finds that prisoner without an escort, so he attacks him and says to him, “Surrender.”   The prisoner responds “I won’t, because I have given my faith to such and such of your party and I will swear to that if you wish.”  “No,” says the other, “surrender yourself to me or you are dead,” and attacks him;  and the prisoner says, “I surrender,” and gives his faith and this one leads him to the lodgings.  When evening comes the one who first took the prisoner comes to the other who later retook this prisoner and demands the prisoner as his own,  and the second who took him says no, the prisoner ought to be his.   There are many things said on one side and the other.  How will it be judged by the law of arms?

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