Friday, May 27, 2011

W 69

69.  Charny asks:   Men at arms encounter each other in the field and fight; and one of the parties is defeated.  It happens that one of the knights or squires of the defeated party is strongly attacked by many others.   And of those who attack him there is one who says to him, “Surrender yourself,” and the knight asks him if he is a gentleman, and the other tells him “yes.”  And the knight says “I surrender to you if you are a gentleman.”  And the other responds, “I take you as a gentleman,” and thus takes him away to the city.   And when the knight is in the city, he asks and learns that the one who captured him is nothing but a sergeant and no gentleman.  Now the knight comes to the captain and to the people who are in the city and says that he is not the prisoner of the sergeant.   How will it be judged by the law of arms?  

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